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3 pommes:


The aim of this brand, named after the French expression "three apples high" to describe a child’s height, is to make fashion accessible to all. With its broad colour palette and array of fabrics, original prints and trendy cuts, 3 Pommes remains true to its guiding principle: maximum creativity, minimum price.



Balloon Maternity:


For 40 years, BALLOON, creator of maternity clothing, has been following the fashion trends while designing its maternity garments and therefore eanbles mothers-to-be to get dressed without restriction. The maternity collection BALLOON has been completed with a maternal underwear line called ALIREL and with a dressy line named NEUF LUNE.





Creative, romantic, trendy, daring, unexpected, sophisticated, travel the world of Catimini. Kids enter one world, one style after the next. They explore, dream, invent, and have fun. Catimini creates whole new worlds just for them, full of color, moods to suit their quirks and fancies.

From the tiniest to the biggest, from the youngest to the oldest, kids live life to the max with Catimini!



Floriane :



Floriane is a world of charm, elegance, tenderness, freshness and refinement… even for everyday wear. Casual, chic and modern outfits, beautiful materials, well-designed cuts give Floriane an unforgettable image. The elegant and refined spirit of Floriane is found every season in each of the collection’s lines. Bébés de floriane, with pastel colours, constantly renewed forms and materials.






Girandola is a collection from Portugal existing of lovely and functional garments for newborn and kids. You will find clothing for both everyday use and more formal occasions. Girls can dress up in nice dresses and skirts and boys in shirts and knitted garments. Girandola has a strong position in the home country with its own brand shops. Girandola has been sold on the Norwegian market since spring 2005.






IKKS - is a collection for 0 to 14 years old girls and boys. Both genders are developed via sportswear and fashion inspirations taken from cutting edge adult fashion. The IKKS kid has a strong personality. He is smart but he is not top of the class. He knows what he wants and likes freedom but he is not a rebel. In short, he is the ideal kid.



Jean Bourget:


For over 50 years, the jeanbourget brand has developed a contemporary, casual style with continuing concern and respect for children.

Jeanbourget was built around a single belief that respect for children means understanding their wants and needs. The brand offers beautifully tailored, quality clothing with the greatest attention to detail.



Kenzo Kids

KENZO Kids is the art of mixing moods and escaping the humdrum, while keeping an informed, contemporary eye to all that’s rich and unusual in the world. It’s all about juxtaposing and telescoping the cultures and flavors of all countries, as Antonio MARRAS, KENZO’s Art Director, is wont to do.


KENZO’s collections are an invitation to travel in a different and constantly surprising new way. The brand’s themes explore the marriage of contrasts: shimmering shades teamed with neutral tones, fine and woven fabrics in a patchwork mix, floral prints combined with graphic designs.



Little Couture:


Little Couture ... A little foretaste of an enchanting line, elegant and refined, and a relevant nod to the current taste for smart looks. Little Couture by jeanbourget is an enchanting line, elegant and refined, which responds perfectly to the current taste for smart looks. Simply capturing the spirit of the times!



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